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Ozen Is Makina

Turkey’s strong, domestic and national brand Özen İş Makina started the sector with marble business in 1980 and stepped into the mechanical system in 2006.

İbrahim Baştürk and My Şaban Baştürk brother have been in the industry since their childhood; Due to their dominance of marble and machinery, they have shared their experiences by prioritizing customer needs, quality and comfort.

Our Vision

Özen İş Makina; In the Cnc market in the marble industry; We produce machines with the highest performance possible in line with the needs of our customers. In this process, we produce long-lasting machines by considering mutual interests and continue our journey by adding you, our valued customers, to the care business family with our after-sales support service. In line with the awareness of being a solution partner, we aim to develop continuously in order to carry our service quality further every day.

Our Mission

Özen İş Makina; To date, Abd. We export machinery to the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Israel, Qatar, Egypt and many more countries. Our goal is to be the first to come to mind in terms of quality, comfort, speed and price performance when it comes to marble machinery in the world. Our company aims to provide added value to the country’s economy by expanding its market network abroad by maintaining its strong solution partner image that it has gained in line with the service it provides.

Ozen Iş Makina a is used safely all over the world.

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İbrahim Başturk

Company Owner

Şaban Başturk

Company Owner