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Fixer L-3718 Plus


With Fixer, it is now possible to cut with maximum precision at high speeds.

Our machine, which has a monoblock body, increases the rigidity and keeps the vibration at a minimum level. Servo motors coupled with backlash-free servo reducers allow you to cut precisely up to 0.1 mm at high speeds. Thanks to the movable table, it makes it easy to place the stone. 

The milling cutter integrated next to the saw motor has added the machining feature as well as cutting. It has made control easier with its 100% native, simple and understandable interface. In the interface working with CNC logic, it is possible to add ready-made drawings as well as the operator can draw himself.

With the designs integrated into the program for the cuts that are frequently used in the market, you can make the drawing ready by simply entering the dimensions. In addition to these, optional features such as 3500*2000mm processing area (according to 45˚ cut), milling tool change, vacuum, automatic saw-milling measurement, plate measurement, template reading can be included in our machine. Enjoy finishing your work quickly and precisely in one go with Fixer.