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L4-3015 Plus Cnc Router & Torna

L4-3015 Plus Cnc Router & Lathe

Meet the perfect harmony of 3-axis CNC milling and turning.

In addition to the features such as cutting, relief processing and writing done by classical 3 axis CNC mills, you can perform machining with the lathe added as the 4th axis on the same machine. We have the opportunity to expand the processing area upon request in our machine with a processing area of ​​3000*1500 mm.

In addition, thanks to the tool changer motor and the tool changing magazine located behind the machine, it is possible to perform operations such as polishing and chamfering in one go, in addition to opening the sink and hob. You can perform movements at high speed and with maximum precision with 5 servo motors used with the lathe in total, double on the Y axis, and spaceless planetary gearboxes coupled to the motors.

With its easy interface and compatibility with Cam programs such as ArtCam, it is enough to determine the axis zero points and press the start button. When you start to use our machine, you will see with your own eyes that the precision and stability of your works increase.